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We deliver technical support and sustainability expertise.

We work alongside organizations to understand the effects the business has while pursuing their strategic objectives on the environment and socio-economic topics.


Smarter solution for smarter growth

By meeting the needs of each, the sustainability framework is supported, and a business achieves long-term corporate success.

ESG / Sustainability Reporting

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

GHG Assessment

Quantify, monitor and report your organization’s GHG emissions

Social Compliance Advisory

SMETA & Social Accountability 8000


Stakeholders ESG training


Asia's leading ESG consultant for the ever-evolving sustainability journey

RS Consulting Group is a sustainability advisory firm based in Malaysia. We provide ESG reporting, ESG related trainings and ESG assessments for businesses across Asia.

  • Practical experience
  • Consultants from diver background
  • Personalised solutions
  • Comprehension of local context


Materiality assessment and Matrix development

Our in-house consultants will assist your organization determining key progress metrics and provide support for data collection, measuring and analytics. We also monitor your organization’s progress and seek feedback from stakeholders on your performance.

Shape your ESG strategies

Develop an action plan

Align with international standards and initiatives

ESG reporting

Providing Insights on matters related to climate change, pollution, workers in the value chain and business conduct under the umbrella of ESG.

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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction

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Gain insights on the ESG happenings

Keep up with the latest industry updates

ESG Reporting, Do you need it?

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. These are the three essential pillars of sustainability, and their relevance is expanding worldwide

RC Consulting Group

The Story of Nayla

While researching on palm oil plantations, I came upon a video featuring a bright woman named Nayla Azmi, an Indonesian and the Communications Officer.

Greenwashing in the current...

Due to the rise of global warming in recent years, people are becoming more conscious about the earth and its environment.


Achieve your sustainability goals

We commonly use GRI Standards. It is a modular framework that includes sets of universal, sector-specific and topic-based sustainability reporting standards. We also use the Bursa Sustainability Reporting Guide in accordance with Bursa Malaysia’s Listing Requirements.

  1. Identify material ESG issues
  2. Establish ESG strategy and goals
  3. Select an ESG reporting framework
  4. Plan how to govern ESG in the organization
  5. Collect ESG data
  6. Present the data in the ESG report

The costing for the reporting shall be based on the organization size, number of operational units and type of industry.


Walking through your sustainability journey

We help your organization to align with best practices and internationally recognized
standards, frameworks and initiatives.

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